Sunday, 13 January 2013



someone we know,sometimes creates the greatest memory in our hearts.. it is not about we are same 'fikrah',we have a lot of similarities,but how we connect our bond to Him..

thats the strength of this 'power'..
the law of attraction...
lets it passes by time..
lets Allah creates our futures..
keep our trust on Him...
as long as we keep do'a..
He will give us the best..

the Friends,Teachers,Parents,Results,Loves,Passions..
Oo Allah!Thanks for every surprise that you make my life wonderfull..
Hope my dream comes true.....

I love You Allah :)
because of this love...
now im opening my eyes..
looking for the right intention..

and my wish for all of you:

and then this vid so deep for me :) enjoy ^_^

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