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Al Qadr,and The Power Of the Special Dua..

Al Qadr,

that night which is more valuable than a thousand months,83 years and four months..

Aisha ra question when she asked Rasulullah[saw] ,if i witness that amazing night..what shall i make dua for ? he said make dua that Allah swt..

3 statements,7 words..

maghfirah vs afuw..

maghfirah means that Allah swt had forgiven us with maghfirah[part],he will conceal our shortcomings in the dunya,he will not expose us in the akhira..and he will not punish us for that which we have done..

but Allah will confront you with the sins that you have made and will only remind you of it..

the believer will come to Allah swt on the Day of Judgement..and Allah will put a curtain ..between the billions of people..and between Allah and that believer.. adn Allah will tell that person,do you recall that sin which you have made..and Allah keep mentioning sins and sins..that which the believer will have madethen the believer says Yes oh Allah,oh my Lord..i do remember..that believer thinks that they are destroyed..then Allah says..i have concealed these sins in the Dunya and today i forgive you for it..

but brothers and sisters..wouldnt it be so embarrassing to come to Allah swt with all these sins..even though at the end of are forgiven..someone had looked into your history..had someone seen what you had done..[even though you're changed] wish no one remembers it,isnt that right ?

Al afuw,,Allah saw the linguistic meaning of it..theres two parts of it..

Al afuw means [erase and wipe away],and also means another meaning which comes in the verse in the Quran..wipe and completely arase..

so Arab would say...

the winds have wiped away the traces,so you cant tell someone did actually walk this path or not..

the other meaning ,that many people dont afuw means,excess and abundance..

A dua put them together..

when we go to Allah al afuw..[recite the dua]

He will not leave any single wont even remember that you have done theses sins..and you wont even recall them and you wont be wont be embrrassed..

Allah would not remind you of it..Allah would not punish you for it..
and not just that ..Allah will give you everything which you asked for...and will give you much more than what you asked for..[that which is good for you]

Allahu akbar..look at this dua shouldnt we go and run to Allah..and say that dua from bottom of our hearts..

may Allah make us witness that great night[say ameen ya rabb]..may Allah make me and you witness that great night..ameenn ya rabb...ameen ya rabb..ameen ya rabb..

He.,who will arase all our sins..

we,who are complaining that we cant stop backbiting,lying and gossiping,
we are who are complaining we cant pray fajr on time..
we are sisters who are complaining we cant wear the proper hijab
or brothers or sisters who are complaining,we cant respect our parents,the way they're supposed to be respected..

those who are complaining,everytime we say Allahu Akbar,Allah is greater than everything and anything..

we said that but our mind are somewhere else,know that the thing that is holding us,in a simple answer are OUR SINS..

A man came to Ali ibn Abi Talib RA he told him,oh Leader of those who have faith..

"i used to wake up at night and pray..and for some reason i Stopped,i dont know what's the reason..

Ali ibn Abi Talib (ra) said..Allahu are a man who has been CHAINED by your sins.."

Brother and sisters..
break these chains,break them out..this is opportunity..[use every night] of the last ten nights,laylatul qadr is one of them..

be like Prophet (saw) he used to prepared for all of the last ten nights..he used to do three things..

he used to prepare himself physically..rool up his sleeve..

he would stay up all night praying Dua,Quran,Dhikr,wake up his family..

no funny videos.. asking Allah al afuw..

brothers and sister dont procrastinate..

maybe this is the moment (i swear by Allah) you are looking for to go to the next level..

to change your life[upside down] YES!A CHANGE OVER NIGHT..This is a dua that Allah gifted us..

There is a true story..

a sister who was invited..who was not practicing..wearing very tight that Allah is not really pleased with..she went and was invited by practicing sister to a halaqa..

and then she heard [that very similar to that which we have just mentioned],that she was very touched..

and at the end she said,this is it.. from toninght I'm gonna wear the proper clothing..that which pleases Allah swt..

the sisters were excited..
they said..lets go buy you one..and lets go with you,before you go home..she said not taking a single step..outside this Masjid..until im wearing it..Allahu Akbar..

no more procrastination,so they saw how she was insisting..they were very happy,brought her the abaya..
gave it to her,she wore it..and the she was walking ouside[the masjid] as she was crossing the street.. A car was driving..hit the sister..she died on the spot...

dont procrastinate sisters and brotherss.....

titipan khusus utk akhowat:

Akhowat yang dirahmati Allah sekalian...

sebaik-baik perhiasan dunia adalah wanita solehah..

hidup di dunia yang penuh fitnah,dunia akhir zaman...

ya... susahnya menjadi wanita akhir zaman..

ketahuilah akhowatku yang dirahmati Allah..

jika elok kita,eloklah seisi dunia...

sama-sama kita merancang strategi menjelang 10 malam terakhir di bulan Ramadhan ini...

semoga kita menjadi wanita yang terpelihara dari fitnah-fitnah dunia..tidak kita menjadi fitnah,tidak juga kita yang memberi fitnah..

semoga kita dihiaskan dengan sebaik-baik akhlak...diperindahkan dengan hati dan jiwa yang suci...ameen..

sekalipun kaum kita kaum yang paling ramai di neraka...nauzubillah ya Allahhh...mohonlah kepada Allah,semoga Allah perkenankan doa2 kita...semoga Allah ampunkan dosa2 kita semua..yang tidak terhitung banyaknya..yang tingginya menggunung...
semoga kita dikurniakan syurga-Nya yang tertinggi...  ameennn...

ramadhan kareemmm...

completely touched by this video,,,

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